What To Know When Comparing Aluminum And Steel Roofing Materials


Many homeowners love the concept of a metal roof because of its advantages in durability when compared to traditional asphalt material. Metal is also manufactured in several colors and styles, giving it versatility over its competition. It's likely that you've narrowed down your selection to using either steel or aluminum material. While both materials are great choices, here is what you should know about the two to make an informed decision.

20 March 2019

Does Your Home Have A Chimney? 3 Things To Keep In Mind


When temperatures start to drop and you want to stay warm and cozy, nothing beats a roaring fire inside the home. However, having a fireplace and a corresponding chimney is something that requires regular upkeep. Your chimney in particular may require attention a few times a year. Leaving a chimney in disrepair can lead to smoke inside the home and can even be a significant fire danger. If you have a chimney, here are three things that you should keep in mind.

23 January 2019