How To Tell If You Need A New Roof On Your Home


As a homeowner, it is very important to make sure that you are doing everything you can in order to keep your roof in great shape. However, no matter how much maintenance you do, there will come a time when you need to have your roof replaced with all new materials. To help you understand when that might be, you will want to take a look at the following information.

26 July 2019

Storm Damage To Your Roof: An Overview


Do you live in an area where severe storms are a common occurrence? If so, you need to check your roof carefully after each storm to ensure that it has not been damaged. The following article provides some key information for homeowners whose roofs are vulnerable to storms. Roof The first step is to perform a visual inspection of the roof itself. Look for any missing or damaged shingles that have been blown off, torn, or cracked by the high winds produced by the storm.

11 July 2019

Why Repair Your Roof When You Sell Your Home


You're putting your house on the market, and even though the roof doesn't leak or cause any real problems, you may still want to have repairs done on this part of the home. The reason why is this: you don't want to unwittingly have your house stay on the market too long with the roof being to blame for the whole thing. There are many reasons why your home can sell better if you have the roof worked on and why your house may not sell the way you want it to if you don't.

22 May 2019

3 Common Causes Of Roof Leaks


No homeowner wants to discover that his or her roof is leaking. A leaking roof can cause major structural damage if it is not repaired quickly. Homeowners can struggle to identify the source of a leak. Water stains and other damage can appear in areas far removed from the leak itself, making identification a real challenge. You can begin looking for leaks in your roof by examining these three common causes of roof leaks while inspecting your roofing system.

29 April 2019

What To Know When Comparing Aluminum And Steel Roofing Materials


Many homeowners love the concept of a metal roof because of its advantages in durability when compared to traditional asphalt material. Metal is also manufactured in several colors and styles, giving it versatility over its competition. It's likely that you've narrowed down your selection to using either steel or aluminum material. While both materials are great choices, here is what you should know about the two to make an informed decision.

20 March 2019

Does Your Home Have A Chimney? 3 Things To Keep In Mind


When temperatures start to drop and you want to stay warm and cozy, nothing beats a roaring fire inside the home. However, having a fireplace and a corresponding chimney is something that requires regular upkeep. Your chimney in particular may require attention a few times a year. Leaving a chimney in disrepair can lead to smoke inside the home and can even be a significant fire danger. If you have a chimney, here are three things that you should keep in mind.

23 January 2019

The Benefits Of Standing Seam Metal Commercial Roofs


Metal roofs are becoming more and more popular with commercial building owners. Metal roofs are durable, withstand many weather elements, and can be coated with a cool material that helps to reflect the sun's ultraviolet rays, helping to decrease energy usage. If you are considering a metal roof, you may be looking at a standing seam metal commercial roof. There are many benefits that this type of roof has over other metal roofs.

24 December 2018

Why A Foam Roof May Work For You


If the roof of your home has never been changed, you may be noticing signs that it is time to re-roof your dwelling. Indications may include water stains on your ceiling, missing shingles, damaged shingles, and dark spots on your roof. Still, if a new roof is warranted and you currently have asphalt shingles, you may be looking for a new roofing material. Spray foam offers an innovative approach to roofing.

2 December 2018

Time For A New Roof? 4 Steps To Take To Find The Right Contractor


Is your roof more than a decade old? Are there issues with your roof that might cause a problem this winter? Do you spend more time on repairs than you'd like? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need a new roof. Roof problems should never be postponed, especially issues relating to damage or age. If it's time to replace your roof, here are four things to consider when you hire your roofing contractor.

26 October 2018

4 Tips For Making A Roof That's Environmentally Friendly


There's no doubt that you'll want to do your part to help the environment. This is by far one of the most effective ways to give back to the world. The good news is there are many things you can do that will make this possible. For instance, making some changes to your roof is a great way to start. Being aware of specific tips that can allow this part of your home to help the environment is sure to be helpful.

3 October 2018