3 Errors That A Skilled Roofer Can Help Avoid During Your Residential Roofing Projects


While the roof protects you from various outdoor elements such as wind, rain, and heat, it is exposed to these elements every day. Extreme weather elements can shorten your roofing's lifespan, and that is why it is crucial to install your roof properly using high-quality materials. 

Hiring a skilled roofer to maintain your roofing is also vital to ensure that it remains in good condition for a long time. But when you don't involve a professional, you are likely to make mistakes during your residential roofing replacement and installation. These mistakes end up affecting the efficiency of the roof. Here are some errors so you can avoid by hiring a skilled roofer. 

Failure to Remove Old Shingles

One common mistake that homeowners make when installing shingles is to placing new shingles over the existing ones. But it is essential to get rid of any old shingles on the roof before installing new ones. Failure to do that creates spaces where moisture and dirt can accumulate. Leaving the old shingles also reduces the lifespan of the new ones. 

Skilled roofers know that old shingles should be removed first, and so they will get rid of all the old ones to create a proper installation surface for the new shingles.

Lack of Proper Ventilation

Proper ventilation is important to maintain the efficiency of your roof. The ventilation helps to get rid of all the excess moisture and heat in the roof. That way, you will not experience roof condensation. 

If there are no vents on the roof, a roofer will install them during the replacement process. They will also leave enough space between the roof material and the insulation to create a pocket of cool air during winter. That prevents snow from melting, then freezing against the roof. 

Failure to Get Proper Permits 

When installing or replacing the entire roof, you may need a permit from the local authorities. A good roofer knows all requirements to be met before starting the roofing project. And so, getting a permit will be relatively easy. By getting the permit, you avoid getting fined heavily or even be forced to remove the newly installed roof. 

These are a few mistakes you can avoid by simply leaving your roofing project to a skilled residential roofing specialist. This is because roofing installation and replacement aren't easy; they need proper skills and equipment to complete them. And an experienced roofer is the right person to work on the residential roofing project. 


24 November 2020

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