Why Repair Your Roof When You Sell Your Home


You're putting your house on the market, and even though the roof doesn't leak or cause any real problems, you may still want to have repairs done on this part of the home. The reason why is this: you don't want to unwittingly have your house stay on the market too long with the roof being to blame for the whole thing. There are many reasons why your home can sell better if you have the roof worked on and why your house may not sell the way you want it to if you don't.

Here are reasons why you should repair your roof when you sell your home. This way, you get the most of your home-selling experience.

Your home shows better

The first thing people see when they go to your house is the outside of the property, including the roof. If the landscaping looks great and the sidewalks are pristine but the roof is sagging, aged, worn, or missing shingles, then the curb appeal is diminished quite a bit as a result. You want potential home buyers to be wowed by your property at first sight, not turned off, so make sure when you put your house on the market that the roof matches the rest of your home's appeal.

Your home has greater value

A home buyer may see your home as having greater perceived value than competing homes on the market if you have the roof redone. You can advertise in your listing the new shingles, new metal panels, or recent roof remodel or repairs to help make the house sell better. What potential buyers see is that your home is cared for and not a buying liability for them, which can lead to a quicker sale.

Your home can sell for more

You can put your house on the market for more money if you put more money into making the home durable and livable. Since the roof is one of the most expensive investments you can make in the home, you want to ask for the most money as possible for the property after you put money into it. Your roofer will give you a quote for repairs and you can use the money you spend on the roof to tack onto the selling price, adding onto your profit overall.

If your home needs a little roof work, talk to your roofer about repairs before putting the property on the market. You will be able to benefit in many ways from doing roof repairs now.  


22 May 2019

Keeping Your Home Dry

Has your home recently began to leak? Perhaps, you had to put a bucket under a leak in your kitchen the last time it rained at your house. If you can relate to this uncomfortable situation, consider talking with a professional roofer in your part of the country. An experienced roofer can examine your roof. Once this individual ascertains the state of your roof, he or she might recommend you repair it or replace it. If you decide to replace your existing roof, you’ll need to figure out if you want your roofer to install something similar to what you currently have or put up something drastically different. On this blog, I hope you will discover the most popular types of roofs roofers install on homes today. Enjoy!