What To Know When Comparing Aluminum And Steel Roofing Materials


Many homeowners love the concept of a metal roof because of its advantages in durability when compared to traditional asphalt material. Metal is also manufactured in several colors and styles, giving it versatility over its competition. It's likely that you've narrowed down your selection to using either steel or aluminum material. While both materials are great choices, here is what you should know about the two to make an informed decision.


Steel will be the material that is more frequently used, which is due to the cost of materials being lower and affordable. If you are working with a small budget and hoping to upgrade to metal, you can't go wrong with steel. The steel material itself is also incredibly durable. It is capable of withstanding strong winds, impact damage, and various wear and tear over the years.

One thing to know about steel is that the material will be heavy, leading to a more labor-intensive installation. The roofing contractor will also analyze the structure of your roof and let you know if it can handle the additional weight. If not, they will need to reinforce the roof to handle the heavy metal material, which can cause your roof replacement to be over budget.


The biggest advantages you'll have with aluminum is due to the material having rust protection due to the manufacturing process causing the aluminum to be galvanized. This gives your roof more protection if you live in a region that has a lot of moisture in the air, such as a coastal city, which is more likely to cause metal to rust.

The aluminum material is also very lightweight, which makes the installation easier for your roofing contractor. It will end up going faster than a steel roof installation, leading to fewer labor hours to get the job done. If you have concerns about creating a green roof, know that aluminum is sourced from various recycled materials. When the roof eventually needs to be removed, the material will be recycled one more time.

One drawback of aluminum is the cost. While the precise price will vary depending on the type of aluminum you use, expect to pay more money for an aluminum roof. Another issue is that the material is easily dented from impact damage. Live in an area prone to hurricanes? It may not make it through hurricane season looking the same way.

Speak to your roof replacement contractor for more info about steel and aluminum roofs.


20 March 2019

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