The Perks Of A Vinyl Gutter


Some people replace their gutters because they just don't look good anymore. They can start to sag and look old. Of course, if your gutter is no longer holding water, or if it is becoming detached from the roofline, it will need to be replaced for practical reasons. If you are in the market for a replacement, there are a lot of things to consider. But, before you make any major decisions, you should choose the material. You no longer have to settle on aluminum gutters. One of the best modern gutter materials is vinyl. This article explains what makes vinyl such an ideal material for a gutter.

You Don't Paint Vinyl

First of all, vinyl gutters are dyed and it is probably best if you don't paint it. So, it is best if you can find a gutter that is already the color you want. Some aluminum gutters come unpainted, and then it is left up to the buyer to paint them. But, if you can find a vinyl product that is already the right color, you will have a product that has a much more permanent finish. You don't ever need to paint vinyl. In fact, this is one of the major selling points. Vinyl is more fade resistant, so you don't need to worry about the color scratching.

If the paint on an aluminum gutter comes off, the metal underneath will be exposed. This is never an issue with dyed vinyl gutters.

Vinyl is More Durable

Importantly, vinyl is also waterproof so you don't need to worry about rusting. Obviously, both the inside and outside of your gutter can get wet all the time. So, having a waterproof material is going to be hugely important when it comes to the long term functionality of your gutter.

Vinyl is Modular

Another attractive feature of vinyl gutters is that they are modular. Pieces can be attached to each other without needing to be secured with screws. This is significant when it comes to replacing or repairing the parts of your gutter. In areas with severe weather, you might need to replace a section of gutter that gets damaged by ice. With a vinyl gutter, this can essentially be done without any power tools or screws.

It is easy to see why vinyl is such an apt to replacement for aluminum. It looks similar when it is brand new, but it will look much nicer for much longer. Contact a company, like Hogan  Roofing, for more help.


30 August 2018

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