When A Roof Replacement Is A Better Option Than Reroofing


If the roof on your home is old and looking its age, you may be considering your options for a new roof. You may have heard it's possible to save money by having a second layer of shingles put on your old ones so you don't have to pay for a tear-off and hauling of waste. However, in many cases, a roof replacement is a better option, and in some cases, it's the only option. Here are some situations where a roof replacement is probably necessary.

To Comply With Local Building Codes

Not every city allows a second layer of shingles on a roof. If your local building codes require that the old roof is torn off and a new one put on from the deck up, then you won't have any choice. However, you can take consolation in the fact that you'll have a quality roof that lasts as long as possible. Adding additional layers of shingles can sometimes shorten the life of the roof and make finding leaks and making repairs more difficult.

When Your Current Roof Has Too Much Damage

The second layer of shingles must have a flat surface to cling to when they're applied. If your roof has many cracked, curled, or bumpy shingles, then adding a new layer probably isn't a good idea. Also, if your current roof is leaky and the deck has absorbed water and started to rot, the deck might need to be replaced in some areas. This requires the old shingles to be torn off first and the new roof to be built from scratch.

If It Affects The Roof Warranty

Some manufacturers of asphalt shingles may not provide full warranty on their roofs unless the old roof is torn off first. This is important information to find out first, especially if you have a particular type of shingle you want to be installed. One possible problem with multiple layers of shingles is that it causes the shingles to heat up more and that reduces their life span. Another possible problem is that the top layer of shingles might be at a higher risk of lifting off during a storm. For reasons like these, a shingle manufacturer may not approve of reroofing with their products and prefer a roof replacement instead.

While avoiding a tear-off might seem like a good way to save money, it could end up costing more due to a shorter life span of the roof and potential for roof damage. You can avoid these problems by having the roof replaced instead. This involves tearing off the old roof down to the deck so the deck can be inspected and then putting on new, felt shingles and flashing so everything is new and ready to provide years of protection for your home.


28 August 2018

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