3 Ideas To Improve The Look Of Any Exterior With Siding And Cornice Features


When you are planning on doing major renovations to your home, the exterior is an area where repairs are often needed. You may want to make the exterior finish of your home look like new again, which is something that can easily be done with different siding and cornice materials. It can be used to give masonry surfaces an improved finish or to replace old worn out and outdated siding materials. Here are some ideas that will help you change the look of your home's exterior using affordable siding materials.

1. Cover Up Outdated Siding Materials with Fiber Cement, New Vinyl, or Metal Solutions

When you have old, outdated siding materials, the wear and tear may be beyond repair. There are a couple of choices for renovating these finishes; one choice is to completely tear off old materials and install new siding, and the other is to cover up the old siding with new materials. If the siding is wood or particle-board and severely damaged, it is better to remove the materials, but this will increase costs. If your siding is old materials or manufactured with asbestos, it may be a better and cost-effective solution to leave the old materials in place and just cover them with the new finish.

2. Give Damaged Masonry A New Finish by Covering It with Siding

Masonry like stone and brickwork can wear and become damaged over the decades. Sometimes, the repairs and damage become so noticeable that nothing can be done to renovate its appearance. One option you have is to have tuck-pointing done, which is like a faux finish that is done with mortar, and the other option that you have is to cover the damaged masonry with a siding finish. Using siding is going to be the most affordable and attractive solution for these types of renovation projects.

3. Using Cornice Solutions to Cover Exposed Wood and Add Architectural Details

Cornice work is another versatile solution to use for improving the appearance of the exterior of your home. Some older homes have exposed rafters and no cornice, which can be improved with simply adding facia and soffit to the eaves. Cornice can also be used to create architectural details like moldings and custom features that help improve the appearance of the exterior of your home.

These are some tips that will help change the look of your home's exterior using affordable siding materials. If you are ready to renovate the exterior of your home, contact a James Hardie contractor and talk to them about some of these ideas. 


24 August 2018

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