Spray Foam Roofing Information To Consider


If you are unfamiliar with foam roofing, you should consider it as a possible roofing material. Spray foam is increasingly a popular option for those that have large roofs.

Are There Reasons To Opt For Foam Over More Traditional Roofing Materials?

Spray foam is typically considered to be far more durable than shingles and tiles. Furthermore, the spray foam will be far more resistant to moisture damage. This is a result of the spray foam forming an airtight seal with the roof, which will prevent moisture from being able to seep through to the interior of the roof. In addition to preventing moisture damage, this can also improve the energy efficiency of the building by minimizing the amount of air that escapes out.

Is Foam Considered A Heavy Roofing Material?

Foam can be a fairly dense material, which can contribute to it being fairly heavy. This is a prominent problem for those with large or particularly old roofs. These roofs may need to have some reinforcing struts installed. This will ensure that the roof is able to support the weight of the spray foam roof. The process of adding these supports will be fairly simple, and this can limit the disruptions that this additional work could cause.

How Are Isolated Areas Of Foam Damage Repaired?

If a section of the foam becomes damaged, prompt repairs should be undertaken to prevent the damage from spreading. Luckily, the entire roof will usually not need to be replaced in order to correct isolated damages. During this work, a contractor will use a special tool to cut out the damaged section of the spray foam. This will allow fresh foam to be injected into the space created, which will bond to the original spray foam. If the contractor discovers that the roof under the spray foam has started to rot, the repair process will be complicated as structural repairs will be needed.

Why Are Indentations In The Foam A Serious Problem?

Indentations in the spray foam can be a very serious issue. These indentations can contribute to rainwater pooling on the roof rather than draining off it. When your roof has these indentations, they will need to be filled to prevent water from pooling. Identifying these indentations can be difficult for those who rarely inspect their roof. If you are not comfortable with the thought of going on the roof, you can have a professional inspect the roof each year so that any indentations can be discovered and filled.

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23 August 2018

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