Spray Foam Roofing Is Perfect For Commercial Buildings


Spray foam is a construction product that has a number of uses on commercial buildings. It is commonly used as both an insulating material, and an outer layer on walls and roofs. It can face the inside or outside of a wall. In fact, what makes spray foam such a perfect material for the roof is the fact that it works as both an outer layer and as an insulated underlayment. It is  kind of like having two products in one.

Spray Foam is Best on Flat Roofs

However, spray foam is only commonly used on buildings with flat roofs, which usually have to happen to be commercial properties. Also, these buildings often have large roofs, so there is a lot of square footage to cover. Flat roofs need to be stronger than pitched roofs in many ways. That is, a flat roof needs to be 100% waterproof. Obviously, a flat roof is going to be subject to water pooling up, ice and snow build up, and other forms of moisture that can lead to severe damage.

Moisture usually runs off of a slanted roof, but it stays on top of the flat roof until it is drained, or it evaporates. Since spray foam is waterproof, for flat roofs that get wet almost every single day.

Painting Spray Foam

Another great thing about spray foam proves is that they don't need to be painted, but they can be. Spray foam is a relatively smooth, non-porous surface that feels a little bit like rubber. Most spray from professionals only offer white foam. White is a a great roof color because it doesn't absorb as much of the UV rays.

Since white is the most common color, many people just spray the roof, and then never worry about painting. But, if you do decide that you want to paint your roof, you can easily do so because the texture is very amenable to traditional paints.

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam is one commercial roofing material that can add insulation to a flat roof and reduce heat transfer. Since the foam is thick, it makes your roof deck less susceptible to heat transfer that can have a big effect on the temperatures inside your commercial building. Large buildings with flat roofs can have astronomical heating heating and electricity costs. Most building owners end up saving money when thy upgrade to a spray foam roof.


22 August 2018

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