How The Roof Can Lower Your Home's Curb Appeal


You may not know it, but your roof has a big role to play as far as your home's curb appeal is concerned. Apart from the siding, the roof is another part of the house that visitors and passersby lay their eyes on first when approaching your home. Here are some of the ways in which a less-than-perfect roof can lower your home's curb appeal:

The Roof Is Dirty and Stained

Nothing shouts a shabby home like a dirty or stained roof. Roofs naturally get dirty with the passing of time; windblown debris such as leaves and dirt will easily make your roof dirty. Staining typically comes from the growth of mold on the roof or from the bleeding of asphalt shingles. Where the source of the stain or dirt should determine how to deal with the problem, regular cleaning of the roof should help you keep the roof clean and beautiful.

The Roof Is Faded

There are cases where your roof may look discolored or faded—even if it is clean. This usually happens after years of use when regular wear and tear or natural deterioration has affected the color of the roof. Fading is particularly a problem for brightly colored roofs, such as red or green roofs, that veer far off their original colors after some time. Depending on the roof material, painting the roof may help restore its original color.

There Are Missing Tiles or Shingles on the Roof

Missing shingles or tiles, if that is the roofing materials up on your house, can also interfere with your overall curb appeal. Missing shingles can be caused by storms, age (accumulated wear and tear), poor workmanship (such as unskilled DIY repairs), and accidental damage such as those caused by falling trees. The more tiles or shingles that are missing on the roof, the more ugly it will look. Get those replaced as soon as possible because, apart from interfering with curb appeal, they may also lead to roof leak or other damages on the roof. You can contact a roofing repair company such as Ray's Accurate Roofing for help with this kind of project.

The Roof Has Some Damages

Your roof doesn't have to be missing shingles or tiles for it to be ugly; even deformed or damaged shingles and tiles can interfere with curb appeal. Indeed, any damage to the roof, including hanging gutters and damaged flashing can interfere with curb appeal. Therefore, if you want your roof to look inviting, take care of such damages as soon as they occur.

Hopefully, you have a good roof that is enhancing rather than decreasing the curb appeal of your home. Consult a roofing contractor for help if you need help improving your roof.


22 August 2018

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