The Ideal Commercial Roofing Maintenance Schedule


Most commercial roofing contractors recommend roof inspections to be done twice every year. Regular commercial roof inspections and maintenance by a reputable commercial roofing contractor can increase the durability of your roof. It is important to understand that failing to observe the maintenance schedules can cancel the warranty of your commercial roofing.

If possible, a commercial roof should always be inspected and maintained before and after a severe weather season. This means that a commercial roofing contractor should always have a look at your roof before and after the winter and summer seasons. Both these seasons can significantly damage your roof, which is why it's necessary to schedule maintenance for your roof after these seasons happen. It is also important to have a commercial roof inspection and maintenance after events like hailstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes, or strong winds.

The Best Commercial Roof Maintenance Schedule

Ideally, the best maintenance schedule for commercial roofing is preventive maintenance. Preventive maintenance can be a bit costly, but it can help in ensuring the durability of your roof. It includes the following:

Regular Inspections

As we've seen earlier, commercial roofing inspections should be conducted at least twice each year. Your commercial roofing contractor should

  • Check the downspouts and drains to ensure that they are not blocked

  • Inspect the flashings and penetrations for any tears and gaps

  • Check whether the rooftop vents are properly sealed

  • Check whether the roof is damaged and recommend the proper solutions

Basic Repairs

A commercial roofing contractor requires the necessary supplies and tools to make the basic repairs. Therefore, it's always advisable to have high-quality mastics—preferably polymer-modified mastics--with you, as the roofing contractor can use it to repair the small splits and blisters on your roof. Polymer-modified mastics can greatly help in sealing the splits and gaps because it has a remarkable low-temperature flexibility, which is good for preventing cracks and leaks during cold-weather seasons. Also, the mastics have been designed to be flexible in case of extreme heat, as well as UV resistant.

Reflective Coating

In addition to the basic repairs, reflective coatings can assist in combating extreme elements. The best reflective coatings can withstand any extreme environmental conditions. That's the reason why most commercial roofing contractors use reflective coatings with aluminum paste, which gives the coatings a silver finishing and maximizes its ability to reflect heat.

A good preventive maintenance schedule for commercial roofing can help in maximizing its durability and prevent you from incurring additional and unwanted repair costs.


21 August 2018

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