Own A Townhome? Know The Process For Taking Care Of The Roof


Many people love owning a townhome because it provides the best of house and condo living. You have your own place that feels more like a home than an apartment, yet you don't have to do all of the maintenance involved with a large yard. However, some home maintenance is unavoidable, since every unit has a roof over it that can break down and need replacement. Here are some things you need to know about the process of caring for the roof.

Meet With The Other Unit Owners

A townhome can be set up in a few different ways. Sometimes they are run by an HOA, and you pay fees to them in order to take care of maintenance to the exterior of the townhomes. It can also be set up where the owners are responsible for splitting the cost of maintenance. If your situation doesn't involve an HOA, you'll need to meet with the other unit owners and decide on a maintenance and repair plan for the roof.

Have Roof Inspections Performed

The good thing about sharing a roof is that it cuts down on the cost of a roof inspection. You can split the cost between all unit owners, which makes it a fraction of what you would pay if you had your own home. Plan to have inspections performed annually to find problems before they are apparent through leaks. Since you don't have the entire roof above your home, inspections can help find problems that are located above other units, but could trickle down to eventually affect your unit.

Clear Necessary Repairs or Replacement

If a problem is found, make sure to clear the repair with the other owners before any money is spent. You may have decided previously to split the cost of all repairs, even if it's a problem only found above another person's unit. Money will need to be collected for the repair so it will be a shared cost.

There will eventually come a point where the roof needs to be replaced, and it will have to be done across all units in the townhome structure. Since this is a big expense, all owners will need to weigh in on if they're ready to make the repair. Some may be in the process of selling their unit, and want to wait for roof replacement to be done after they sell to cut down on expenses. Contact a residential roofing contractor for help.


17 August 2018

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